Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DoTERRA Oil for Menstrual Cramps

We are going to get very detailed and gruesome in this blog post, some would call this "TMI" so I'm warning you...if you don't want to hear about a girl on her period, click away, now!  You've been warned.

My period has been pretty consistent for the last three months in terms of getting it every month and how long it has lasted.  Before I had my son, Landry, I got my period every 28 days like clock work.  It also only lasted about 5 days and was never "super heavy."  It was a regular, run of the mill menstrual cycle, no surprises.  I would get some cramps, but nothing I couldn't handle or ward off with a Motrin.
Now since having a baby, breastfeeding, and now not breastfeeding, my cycle has changed, DRASTICALLY.  It's a longer duration of time between cycles, instead of every 28 days, it's now between 30-32 days.  It also lasts a full 7 days and it's heavy.  Right now I'm on cycle day 3. Usually, on the first day it's super light, and I'd get away with wearing a panty liner, and within 12-24 hours it would get heavier.  Well, I'm so glad I put a tampon in when I did because usually I wouldn't.  I had a major gush of blood, that soaked through a tampon within seconds.  Actually I don't even think the tampon soaked the blood up fast enough.   I felt a mild popping sensation (the way I did when I had my bleeds during my pregnancy)...I hadn't felt anything like with my period, ever.  So I ran to the bathroom and I got cleaned up, but it was still kind of WTF just happened?  After that I got pretty intense cramps, and on top of all of this, I'm sick, fighting a sinus basically I felt like SH*T...excuse my language.  At this point I had already taken OTC meds for the sinus infection so I didn't want to take something else on top of that.  So I reached for my peppermint oil.  Can I just say, I had no idea just how fast and how well this would work on such intense cramping.  It was amazing and I'm in awe of this product.  I put three drops of the peppermint oil on my abdomen and rubbed it in over where I was cramping and then I applied a heating pad.  The cramps were gone within 3 minutes.  I highly recommend this oil if you are one that suffers from menstrual cramps.  It worked like a charm.
Email me if you want to place an order!

Update on Illness and Oil Effectiveness we are two days since I last posted.  I took a turn for the worse.  BIG TIME.  Monday  night I started feeling achy/feverish.  I knew it was time to intervene with something stronger than the oils.  I believe that if I had empty veggie caplets to put the oils in so that I can digest them easier, that I would have been more effective at stopping this sinus crap it its tracks.  Since I didn't have that on hand, I reached for an OTC Sinus PM medication.  Ugh.  I seriously HATE taking stuff like this.  It makes you feel like you are in such a fog.  I didn't even sleep that well on it, in fact, I woke up with a feeling that my throat was being strangled.  I am not sure if it was because of the cold I have or if I woke up having a panic attack.  Either way, I ran downstairs and drank the hottest water that came out of the tap (mind you it was like 2:00 AM when this happened).  And I took a minty flavored tums because I felt a bit nauseated.  The cooling sensation the tums gave me helped a lot, and I was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly. 
Once I woke up I knew this was a full blown cold, I felt like CRAP.  And I know this is a HUGE No-No to all the health care workers reading this.  However, I saved antibiotics from when I was prescribed them previously, but I never used them.  They are not expired and I have the entire bottle so I started taking the antibiotics.  It's 500 MG of Dicoloxacillin that you take every six hours for 7 days.  I'm starting to feel better now that I've been on the antibiotics for 24 hours.  I was hesitant to take them because as you know, most sinus infections are due to a virus not bacteria.  But feeling as bad as I did, I took my chances.  I'm also VERY prone to sinus infections and usually the antibiotics help. 
I'm still using my oils every two hours on the bottoms of my feet and I'm still ingesting a mixture of the OnGuard and water about every 4 hours.  It's not easy to get down, it tastes like the way a craft store smells if that makes any sense. It's overwhelmingly potpourri-ish smelling/tasting.  I do believe the oils are helping me boost my immune system to help fight off this sinus infection, because I haven't gotten better this fast probably ever.  However, I do think that there is a time when medication or antibiotics are needed and for that, you should choose your best options based on what a health care provider suggests.  I'm not a doctor and I can't tell you what is best for you or your body.  For me, I know my body pretty well and I know when something isn't right. 
I still have some congestion going on but I'm not achy and I do not have a fever.  I never experienced a sore throat with this sinus infection (which I usually do because of the drainage from my nose to my throat).  So over all, I do feel like the oils help or are helping me over come this more quickly than if I didn't use them at all.  The next order I place with doTERRA, I will be ordering empty veggie tablets to put my oils in so I can digest them.  (Also, digesting oils is highly controversial, do your own research on the safety/effectiveness of digesting them). 
I hope this was helpful!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Testing Out the Oils FOR REAL I'm going to keep a diary here of how I'm feeling and if I think the oils are working.  You know, of course it's perfect timing for me to catch a cold, with Landry's birthday party being 5 days away.  Can you sense my sarcasm?

Okay so Sunday night (March 22nd) I felt WIPED.  Not sick.  Just exhausted and worn out.  So I went to bed really early, around 8:45PM and I think I dozed off for about 20 minutes or so when I woke up and felt the sickness starting.  You know that's like the feeling of "drainage" from your nose down the back of your throat.  Ugh...gross.  Well, this is usually the sign that I'm about to develop a sinus infection.  And I know for a fact that I was exposed to two different people this past weekend that had a sinus infection.  One of them was treated with antibiotics.  So I wanted to try the all natural route and see how it goes.  (Side note, I'm very prone to sinus infections and strep throat for some reason, no idea why, but I have been this way my entire life).

So when I woke up with that feeling I knew this was my chance to attack it while it's it in it's beginning stages which I think is important when combatting any infection/virus.  So I applied the "Flu Bomb" on the bottoms of my feet and went back to bed.  The "Flu Bomb" contains coconut oil, Oil of Oregano, Lemon Oil, and On Guard (a doTERRA oil blend).  I also put a drop of Melaleuca oil on my fingertips mixed with a drop of coconut oil and rubbed it behind my ear and down the side of my neck I felt the drainage on.  When my alarm went off at 5:50AM I could definitely feel that I was sick.  I felt that cloggy feeling in my throat like I slept with my mouth open or something and I felt congested.  So I went downstairs and gargled with warm water mixed with the three oils mentioned above.  I also put more Melaleuca on my neck again. I also applied the Flu Bomb on the bottom of my feet for the 2nd time in less than 12 hours.

I remembered to take my "Flu Bomb" roller with me to work today and I have been using it consistently every two hours on the bottoms of my feet and also on my lymphnode on the left side of the neck (the drainage side).  I've been doing this since 6:00 AM, and it's now 2:20 PM.  I don't feel any better than I did this morning, but I also do not feel any worse.  I've been drinking a TON of water, in fact I think I drank almost double than what I do on an average day.  I also had Peach Green Tea. I'm going to continue with this treatment for the rest of the day into the night and again tomorrow.  I'll check back in tomorrow to track my progress.  I have faith in these oils and I'm hoping so badly that this treatment is enough to stop this cold/virus in it's tracks.  Cuz AIN'T NO BODY GOT TIME TO GET SICK YA HEARD??

I'm giving this treatment 3 days.  If I don't feel better by Wednesday I'll unfortunately have to make a doctors appoinment and most likely be put on antibiotics.  Hoping for the best.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spot Light Oil: Breathe

This oil is so high on my list of favorites, it might actually be my favorite.  Wait, no, ugh! I can't commit, they are all so wonderful it's so hard to pick a favorite.  I LOVE Breathe, that's a fact.  Breathe is a blend by doTERRA that contains a bunch of different oils to promote respitory health.  It contains Laurel Leaf (side note, I love the name Laurel so much lol), Peppermint plant, Eucalyptus leaf/stem, Melaleuca Leaf, Lemon peel, Ravensara Leaf, and Cardamom seed essential oils.  In my opinion, this blend smells not unlike Vicks vapor rub, just better...cleaner, crisper. 
I use this oil in our diffusers, which puts a gentle mist into the air, opening up our airways as soon as we enter the room, it's heavenly.  This is especially nice for when Landry (or Cris and I) is congested.  I also dilute this oil with coconut oil and put it on my son's chest when he is super stuffed up.  If he has a cold, we also put this on the bottom of his feet.  It helps to quiet his cough as well. 
I love this oil so much, it saves us so much money.  Humor me while I try to do a little math here, but  a 15mL bottle of Breathe is $26.67.  If we use it in the diffuser, we use 3-4 drops at a time.  Breathe costs $0.08 per drop.  The Vicks plug in costs around $8.00-$12.00 depending on which on you buy and it doesn't last long at all.  I am confident in saying that because this is the product I used before finding doTERRA's Breathe Essential Oil blend.  In fact, I was going out every time Landry had a cold to buy more vapor refills.  On top of saving around $11.00 every time, it's also ALL NATURAL.  So I don't feel guilty that I'm diffusing this in my baby's room.  I don't feel guilty about the air he is breathing in.  In fact, I feel good about it, because it's beneficial to him.  This is also on my "MUST HAVE" list as a mom.  If you also feel that you need this oil, you can purchase it by clicking on this link:

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