Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Movements and Placenta Anterior

     What is “placenta anterior?”  It means that the placenta is located in front of the uterus.  Usually placentas are positioned on the side or behind the uterus.   This is in no way harmful for the baby, the baby could care less where the placenta is, as long as it’s functioning properly, there is no concern at this point to be told I have placenta anterior.  What it does mean is that I will have “muted” or minimal movement while other pregnant women will be able to see and feel their baby from the outside. 
     I started to feel our baby move very early on in this pregnancy.  After everything I've been through, I’m so in tune with my body so I’m not surprised I felt him early.   Earlier this year, I was able to tell the doctor I felt a cyst on my right ovary before they did the ultrasound…low and behold, I was right!  T
hat’s just proof that I knew I felt my baby earlier than what people think you can feel it.  I felt very tiny bubbles at 9 and 10 weeks.  That’s very very early!  But, because of the placenta anterior, it could be a long time until I or my husband can feel him kick/move from the outside.
     Currently, I’m 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant…the only way I can describe the movement I feel now is gentle jabs.  They are quick but subtle and completely random.  I do feel him a lot more after I drink some cold apple juice and then lay down on the couch.  I have yet to feel him while I’m up walking around.  There were only two incidences when he moved very hard, and perhaps if my hand was on my stomach at the time, I may have felt him from the outside.  It was in the same day…the first time was around noon and it felt like the baby did a flip inside me.  And I went to an ultrasound that day, come to find out, baby was head down…he did flip!  And then later that night, I was on the couch watching tv and crocheting and I felt it again, a little less forceful, but still a big movement none the less.  And I told Cris, “I think he just flipped again!” and a few days later at my next ultrasound, maybe was head up again!  I wish he would do that more often because those movements were big, heavy, distinct movements.  What he’s doing right now feels like he’s just twitching his limbs every so often.
     I can’t wait until his movement s become regular and more distinct.  I think any mom with placenta anterior feels a small pang of jealousy when it seems like everyone else can feel and see their baby moving around this time.  It’s not even me that I’m wishing this for, it’s for my husband.  I get to feel our son every so often, but I can’t wait for Cris to feel him too.  I know that moment will be one to remember!

Below is a picture of my son in mid-kick...look at those long skinny legs!  Haha, he's so cute already I can't even take it!