Monday, September 30, 2013

Will We Have A Boy or Girl?

Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender

* If your husband gains weight, you will be having a girl. If he doesn't gain weight, 
you'll be having a boy.

Answer: Boy

* Pregnancy has you looking better than ever if it’s a boy. You don't look quite as good 
as normal during pregnancy if it’s a girl.
Answer: Boy - besides my skin being dry through the first trimester, I'm starting 
to feel the prettiest I ever have!  I love being pregnant!

*Some myths propose that if you are craving sweets during your pregnancy, you are 
having a girl. If you are craving spicy and salty foods, then you are having a boy.
Answer: Boy - salty all the way!

*Some say if the woman’s belly is big and round it means that she is carrying a girl. 
Likewise, if her belly is smaller and sticking straight out than she is carrying a boy. 
Answer: Boy?  I'm BARELY showing at all.  My bump is teeny tiny.

* If you are having a boy, you would not have as much morning sickness as you would if 
you were having a girl.

Answer: Boy - out of the first trimester and I haven't been sick once.  
However, around 12 weeks I started to feel nauseated at night again...not loving 
that but, whatever, if baby is healthy I don't care!

*The same as you last pregnancy= same gender, different- different gender.
Answer: This is my first pregnancy so....

*Some people believe that if your baby has a fast heart rate, near 170 beats per minute, 
then that means you are having a girl, and that if your baby’s heart rate is closer to 150 
beats per minute then you are having a boy. 
Answer: Girl - baby has had a high heart rate from the beginning

* The Chinese use numbers to determine the sex of your baby. They take the mothers age 
at conception and the month of conception. 
Answer: Boy -  I was 31 and conceived in is a link to the chart I used

* Many believe that if you have an increased amount of acne during pregnancy then it 
means you are having a baby girl.
Answer: Boy - not really acne, just dry skin

*If your previous child's hairline at the neck comes to a point then it is a different 
gender, straight line is the same gender.
Answer: No previous child...

That makes for 7 points for BOY and only 1 point for GIRL
We'll find out November 18th, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why does this keep happening??

First things first...I had my sequential screening done at 12 weeks and two days and it was AMAZING!  Cris was there so it was the first time he got to see our baby.  The memory of that moment of him seeing his baby move for the first time, will be cherished forever.  I WISH I would have recorded it but I think we were too excited to be thinking of anything else at the moment.  However, less than 36 hours later I had another bleed!  What the hell is going on?!  It's not like it's a slow, menstrual cycle like GUSHES out of me, bright red, scary freaking amounts of blood.  To be safe, Cris took me the ER and I was seen by the most incompetent ER Resident that has probably ever existed.  So, let me start by saying when I had this same occurrence at 5 weeks and 2 days the man who did my pelvic exam was gentle, opened me up with a speculum, took a look, was able to tell me my cervix was closed.  This woman I had this time, at 12 weeks and 3 days put the speculum in and instead of looking in there she wiped away the blood with a large q-tip looking thing.  She then told me the bleeding looks like stopped, which is great news.  Then she uses her two fingers, puts them inside and touches my cervix, then says she's sorry, but needs a better feel to make sure my cervix isn't open...uhhhh, what??  She proceeds to shove THREE fingers inside me and then (I'm not exaggerating when I say this) RAMS so hard, I feel her fingernail dig into my cervix.  I jumped back and literally yelped like a puppy.  I have never ever ever felt pain like that before in my life.  I had needles up there, catheters up there, even surgery!  And this pain doesn't compare to what that felt like.  So after she's done with her exam she tells me, "I'm sorry, I'd really like to have seen your cervix a little tighter, but it feels like it's open less than 1/2 a centimeter."  I wanted to scream, "YEAH BECAUSE YOU JUST EFFING OPENED IT WITH YOUR FINGER!"...but I knew it being open at all was not good news.  So she puts her head down and says, "I'm so sorry" and leaves the room.  Wait?  What?  What does that mean?? You're sorry?? Am I miscarrying?? Is that what you are saying?? Because that's what it feels like you are trying to tell us.  So I look at Cris and his eyes are welled up with tears and I of course start crying, but my sadness very shortly turns to anger as by baby was PERFECT just 36 hours prior, what the F*CK is going on?? I need answers, NOW!!!
Thank God for my best friend...her mother is very high up in the chain of hospital employees and she came down to comfort me after I text my best friend with, "The ER resident just basically told me I'm going to miscarry".  I was able to speak with her mom and also a midwife who truly instilled the hope back in us.  They said because the bleeding stopped, I had no cramping or pain, that these are good things.  So I was discharged from the hospital and put on to bed rest for three days and well, here I am...and everything so far is good.
I still have no answers, as to where the blood is coming from.  Why it keeps happening...will it happen again.  I'm pretty much predicting I won't get answers either.  Maybe I'm just one of those women who bleed through out their pregnancy.  Who knows?  All I can do is keep my faith and trust in our Lord who protects me, carries me through my worries, and loves me.
Currently I'm 13 weeks pregnant and have felt our little blessing moving, A LOT.  It's nothing less than completely amazing and I'm seriously so in love.  <3

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Announcement!

We finally made our announcement to our friends!  It was a long time coming.  We wanted to wait until after we had the sequential screening done where they take a detailed look at the baby and make sure everything looks healthy.  We are so excited to finally announce our blessing and we truly are the happiest we have ever been.  We can not wait for the next few months as we embark on this exciting journey of pregnancy!  Glory to God!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Scary Day!

     Thursday, September 19th, 2013 was a day not unlike the rest of the week days.  It started off as normal as can be.  I woke up, fed the dogs their breakfast, got in the shower, got dressed, headed to work, and arrived about 15 minutes early (per usual).  I drank my cup of hot decaf Lipton tea with honey and started to go through my emails.  My best friend, Jenna, text me, we were having a casual morning conversation, which we usually do to check in on each other.  Both of us are pregnant and we are constantly asking how each of us are feeling that day.  After drinking my tea, it's only normal, I had to pee!  So I went to the bathroom and there it was again...blood.  My stomach sank.  This blood was no where near what happened when I was 5 weeks pregnant.  This blood was brown (meaning old blood) and it hadn't even filled the panty liner, yet it was enough to scare me into calling the doctor.  I left a message with a sweet nurse who said she would call me back after speaking with the doctor.  In the mean time I'm texting Jenna to see if she would be concerned if she had the same type of spotting.  I didn't get a response right away, which is unlike her.  The next thing I know, she texts me a horrifying picture of her car on its roof with a message letting me know she's been in an accident and is on her way to the hospital.  Let's not forget, she's 29 weeks pregnant!!!  I felt my heart rise in my throat.  I felt so helpless.  My first thought was "Oh my GOD, COLE!!!"  Cole is her 2 1/2 year old son, my Godson.  Thank God he was not in the car, she had just dropped him off at daycare.  My second thought was "Oh my GOD, TESSA!" her unborn baby.  Hysterically I'm texting her, "are you okay??!!"...knowing she has to be if she was able to at least text me she was in the accident.  However, my mind just wanders sometimes and after seeing that picture, I thought the worst.  I called her mom and she was with Jenna, she reassured me that Cole was not in the car and that Jenna, although pretty banged up, is doing okay, the concern is for her baby.  After getting off the phone, I began to pray.
     It felt like hours had gone by until I heard the wonderful news that Tessa had a good strong heart beat and that both mama and baby are hanging in there and doing okay.  What a relief.  I knew then physically they were okay, but I could only imagine what toll this took on Jenna emotionally and mentally.  A day later and she's barely slept because when she closes her eyes she hears glass breaking and sees a car coming straight towards her.  Going through anything traumatic like that haunts you for a long time...but it will eventually fade and I hope sooner than later.  It's like reliving a nightmare every time you try to close your eyes.  I wish I could take that away from her, I know how awful that feeling is.
     Finally the doctor called me back!  By this time, I had stopped spotting, but they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound anyway to be safe.  Well it was a great ending to a pretty scary day!  I got to see my baby, he/she is measuring at exactly where they are supposed to be (at the time 11 weeks and 5 days) and had a strong heart beat at 138 beats per minute.  The coolest thing was I saw my baby move!!! It was INCREDIBLE!  He/she must have been sleeping, it looked like we startled the poor thing, they jumped with their arms and legs flailing in the was SO CUTE I can't even describe it.  I left that appointment on cloud nine...what an amazing gift.  Glory to God!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring Baby

I am so happy to be pregnant that it truly doesn't matter when this miracle is born.  However, now being pregnant in the time of the year that I am, I have been fantasizing about all the scenarios of the upcoming seasons.  The baby's due date is April 5th, 2014.  So let's just pretend that the baby actually comes on it's due date and we can go from there.  Here are reason's why I'm so excited to be having a spring baby!

1.  I won't be pregnant during the stuffy summer months!  I'm not good in the heat as is, add being pregnant to the mix and I'm likely to pass out.  Sweating is not my favorite activity!

2.  We won't have to bundle up like an Eskimo either!  This will make it easier when it comes to nursing the baby when I don't have to find my boobies under 5 layers of clothing.

3.  Just when I'm starting to feel human again after giving birth, the weather will be warming up.  I'll be able to take the baby out for walks in their stroller.  Then comes summer, and I'll be able to take the baby to cook outs, showing off the blessing God has given me.  Then comes fall and the baby will be about 7 months old, old enough to be forced into a ridiculously cute Halloween costume that they might end up hating me for later in life.  Then there is Christmas and winter, the baby will be 9-10 months old and we can experience snow for the first time as I dress them in a bear suit with those cute little ears!!!

4.  The baby is going to be born right when the icky flu season is coming to an end.  And by the time it's flu season again, he/she will be old enough to be vaccinated against it.

5.  The baby will eventually start school and when they do, they'll have a birthday during the school months!  I always envied kids who had this, they got to bring in treats for their friends and celebrate.  Their friends would decorate their lockers and make a big deal.  I think that's sweet.

If you could choose when your baby would be born, when would you choose?  I have thought about this and honestly, I'm pretty happy with when the baby is going to come!  I maybe would push it back a few weeks so he/she would be born towards the end of April or beginning of May.  Just because it would probably be a little bit warmer than if they baby was born closer to March.  Either way, I'm thrilled...I could careless which month the baby was born in.  There are pro's and con's to each and every month!  God has blessed me beyond belief and I have never been happier or more excited.