Monday, March 3, 2014

Keep on truckin'...

This past week was quite one of the more stressful weeks I have had.  First of all, Cris has the flu!  I knew he was sicker than he was leading on.  You know men, they hate going to the doctor and he was playing it off that he was not feeling that terrible.  I guess my "motherly instincts" kicked in a few weeks early because I knew that he needed to be seen by a professional.  After a little bit of coaxing, Cris went to the doctor and found out that he had the flu.  I'm so glad that he was tested because from there he was put on Tamiflu and I also have been put on it as a preventative.  So far, I have not felt any flu symptoms and I'm thanking God every free second I get.  I can't not imagine having the flu while pregnant, that would be not only so awful but seriously dangerous.
I also received the news that my platelets are continuing to drop.  When I was first tested, my platelets were at 125,000, then they dropped to 110,000, and this last time they dropped to 101,000.  I was told if they go under 100,000 that I will need to be referred to a hematologist and that they will most likely start me on steroids to raise the platelet count.  I have one last blood test today to test the platelets.  I am so sick of being jabbed with needles, you have no idea.  If there was ever a time that I thought I couldn't handle needles, I've proved to myself a thousand times over that I'm a professional pin cushion.  I don't even flinch anymore.
I'm exactly 33 days away from my estimated due date.  Its a bit surreal to know that I might have a baby THIS MONTH.  I honestly just can not wait to meet Landry.  I want to see him so badly.  I've dreamed of this little boy for three years now.  I will never forget the first dream I had about him...he was just a baby with this mop of blond curly hair (side note, I believe that Landry will look just like Cris so the fact that he had blonde hair in my dream was very far fetched lol), and he had big blue eyes and I was carrying him on my hip walking around a shopping mall and everyone was stopping me to say what a beautiful baby he was.  One older woman stopped me and said, "What is this angels name?" and even though realistically, Landry would not have been old enough to talk, this little high pitched voice comes bouncing out of his mouth and he said, "I'm LANDRY!" and we all laughed with surprise.  I had many more dreams of a little boy after that, and each one the boy looked different but I truly believe that I knew Landry was a boy from the second he was conceived.  I always had that feeling.  So to know that I'm just a few days away from meeting this little one, well I can't even put into words how anticipated this moment is.  I love him SO much already and I can't wait to fall in love with him even more.