Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to make Roller Bottles with Essential Oils

In my opinion, the most convenient way to apply essential oils is in a roller bottle.  Most oils do not come in roller bottles.  They come in 5mL or 15mL glass bottles with stoppers so that they pour out one drop at a time.   However, if you want to dilute or mix a few different oils together to create a unique and customized blend, then roller bottles are the way to go.  Here are some helpful steps to create your very own roller bottle.

1.  Make sure the roller bottles are glass.  The oils are in their most potent form and will eat away at plastic containers.  Tinted glass gives your more protection from sunlight, but it's not necessary if you plan on keeping your roller bottles out of direct light.

2.  Order quality glass roller bottles.  I order my glass roller bottles from Amazon.  Type in "glass roller bottles" and you will find an array of them to choose from.  They come in different sizes.  I opt for the 5mL but I know many people that prefer the 10mL size.

3.  Choose a quality carrier oil.  A carrier oil is an oil used to dilute the essential oils.  I also order my carrier oil from Amazon.  I choose organic fractionated coconut oil.  However, there are many different options and I encourage you to research one that would work best for you based on your needs.  Just to name a few there is Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Sesame Oil, and Olive Oil.  They all have different beneficial properties.  Here is a great article for more information about which oils are better for certain skin types.

4.  Find a recipe that you are interested in making.  For example, a common roller bottle that I sell is the "Anti-Allergy Blend".  The recipe calls for 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Lemon, 10 drops peppermint, and then top off with carrier oil (this is for the 5mL size, you would want to double that if making a 10mL size).  You can google these types of recipes, or check out Pinterest for some unique and creative blends that people have tried.

5.  Label your blend once you're finished so you know what's in it. 

**Based on my experience, it's super helpful to have a teeny tiny little funnel to use to pour the carrier oil into the glass roller bottle.  I bought one at my local craft store for less than $0.50. 

I hope you found this helpful!
Enjoy coming up with unique and customized blends.