Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disciplining a 1 year old...

How in the world do you teach a child (in a loving manner) that biting and hitting are not appropriate.  So first let me tell you the background...Landry is only hitting and biting me.  He will push my husbands face away if he goes in for a kiss and Landry doesn't want it.  But out of nowhere, Landry and I could just be playing nicely and he goes to hit me or bite me.  He mostly does it out of no where...but if I'm near him when he's having a temper tantrum, he will possibly go to bite or hit.  What I have been doing is sternly saying "NO BITE/HIT!" and I'll place him on the "naughty step".  And after about 1 minute, if he wants to get up he has to "say" sorry by giving me a hug or kiss.  From what I have been reading, I should be showing him what is acceptable behavior versus the behavior he is doing.  I haven't come up with one for biting yet, but if he goes to hit me in the face, I'll say "No HIT! you want to high five?" and then I'll place my hand up and he'll high five me.  That has actually been working for us.  The biting though, that's a different story, and dude...he bites HARD.  It actually has left me bruised, and I'm surprised he has not broken skin yet. 

Do you guys have any experience with this?  Is it something they out grow?  How did you deal with it?  I am not for spanking or screaming my head off.  I want him to know that his behavior is unacceptable but that he can freely express his emotions.  For example, when he's older and can talk, I want him to feel comfortable saying "I'm mad/sad/scared/anxious" or whatever he might be feeling.  But for now, I know that he's frustrated and biting is a way of showing his frustration.  The good thing is he doesn't bite or hit other children, so I'm thankful for that. 

Let me know if you guys have any ideas for me! Thanks! xxoo

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Guilty Pleasure Names

What is a guilty pleasure name you ask?  It's a name that I love but would never use for my own child(ren) for one reason or another.  Or a guilty pleasure name could just be names that you love that you know no one else would like. Do you have any guilty pleasure names?  I would love to hear them and the reasoning as to why you wouldn't use them!

Let's start with the girls...

Esme:  I LOVE this name so much.   This name means "loved".  I love the "z" sound in this name, I love how short it is, and I love the nick name "Ez".  But I wouldn't use it because of the association it has with the ever popular "Twilight" series. 

Tallulah:  Tallulah means "jumping water".  This is just such a cute name to me, but I would never use it because it's bit "too out there" for me.  Plus, I'm not a huge fan of the nick name "Tully" or "LuLu".

Belle:  Belle means "beautiful" and that's exactly what it is, such a pretty name.  But...all I can think of is the Disney princess when I hear this name.  I wouldn't use this for a first name but I would consider it for a middle name.

Daphne:  I don't even know what it is that I love about this name...perhaps it's the uniqueness of it?  Daphne means Laurel or Bay tree.  I wouldn't use it because it reminds me of Scooby Doo...but for real, this name is so stinkin' cute.

Sutton:  Meaning "From the south farm"...I love this name for a girl or boy actually.  But I don't like or at least can't think of any nickname for this name that I like.

Laurel:  I love this name, it's just gorgeous.  And anyone I have never known to have this name has also been incredibly gorgeous!  But it goes horribly with  my last name and I'd never be able to use it.

Story:  I just think this name is super cute and though unusual, not difficult to pronounce.  Totally qualifies as a name I love, but I just don't think I'd use it.

Sparrow:  I love animal names...seriously, you'll see the trend going on here, but I just don't think I'm cool enough to pull something like that off.  It totally speaks to me though.

Winter:  I actually really enjoy the winter season.  I love snow.  I love hot chocolate and being bundled up under blankets with candles glowing. And when I think of this as a name it immediately makes me feel cozy.  I also really dig the nickname "Winnie" okay, maybe this isn't a GP name, maybe I'll keep this one on my list of favorites.

Here are my boy guilty pleasure names...

Bear:  Seriously this is A-freaking-dorable. But, we call my dog Bear, so that would just be weird now if I used it to name a child.

Cal:  It's origin is Hebrew meaning "Devotion."  I would 100% name my son this if my name wasn't Kyle.  It sounds like I'm saying my name with a southern accent.  Just would be too close to mine to seem different.

Fox:  Imagine meeting a little boy name Fox.  Is that not the cutest thing?!  Unfortunately, I couldn't imagine it on an adult, and so it will remain here, forever, on my GP list.

Dawson: Okay, so I once had a cat named Dawson (I named him).  And I still love that name so much.  It's English, it means Son of David.  It reminds me too much of Dawson's Creek the 90's hit TV show.  I haven't completely thrown this name out the's usable.  And no one I know (besides my family) would associate with my deceased kitty.

Ethan:  I have loved this name for so long.  Unfortunately, it got a bit too popular for my taste, and though I still love it so, I wouldn't use it, in fear that my son would be Ethan L for his entire school-age life.

Haven: This name means "sanctuary/safe place" and I just love it.  I actually would love this name on either gender.  However, it sort of sounds like "Heaven" and I wouldn't to have my child having to correct everyone they meet their whole life.

Hayes: The reason I love this name so much is because of the spelling...but if someone called me on the phone and said, "Hi this is Hayes" I would think that they are saying "Hi this is Haze" and I don't like the image "haze" evokes.

Hue: I also like this name for either gender.  The definition of the word Hue is a gradiation or variety in a color or tint.  So cool right?!  But if I hear "Hue" as a name I think of "Hugh" and then  I think of "Hugh Heffner"...I definitely love the name Hugh as well, but I think everyone would think we named our kid after the starter of a porn business.  So...yeah.

Arrow:  This is name is so hipster...I love it.  However, it doesn't go well with my last name and I think I'd have a really hard time getting my hubby to agree with me on this one.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Most Popular Girl Names 100 years ago || oldies but goodies

What I find very interesting about names is how they change in popularity over time.   A lot of older names are coming back in popularity and many are not.  Let's take it back, way back, to 100 years ago and check out the 10 most popular girl names in the United States.

In 1915 here are the most popular girl names starting with #10:

10.  Evelyn - The origin of this name is mixed opinions and difficult to find one source that agrees with another.  The further I dove into the origin of this name I found that it was a diminutive form of another name, and another name, and another name.  From my research, Evelyn comes from the ancient Germanic name "Avila" which means life.  I still really like this name, and apparently so do a lot of people as it is ranked #16 in terms of the most popular names in 2014.

9. Frances - Frances is feminine for Francis and it means "Frenchman".  Though it's not my cup of tea, I do know a handful of people with Frances as their middle name.  I don't see it making a comeback anytime soon as it's ranked #602 in popularity in 2014.

8.  Elizabeth - Elizabeth is Greek and it means "my God is an oath".  This name has been popular and probably will remain popular as it's a "classic."  In 2014 this name was ranked #14 in popularity.  I think it makes a very pretty middle name.  If you don't like how common it is and most likely will remain, consider using it as a middle name, which I think is very pretty and works well with a lot of names.

7.   Anna - This name is English and as a form of Hannah, means favor or grace.  This name fell off of the top 100 list in the 1950's but steadily has hung in there and hovered around the 100's for the past 100 years.  Pretty impressive!  In 2014 Anna was the the 34th most popular baby name.

6.  Mildred - Mildred means "gentle strength" and it's origin is English.  Though I love the meaning of this name, I don't like the sound of it.  Though it was super popular 100 years ago, it started to fall soon after.  It fell off the top 100 list in 1946 and has steadily fallen since then. It's no longer even on the charts, as it was #972 in 1984.  I definitely don't see this name making a comeback for a long time, if ever. 

5.  Ruth - Ruth is a Hebrew name meaning "Friend".  This name fell off the top 100 list in 1962 and consistently kept going down in popularity.  It is now ranked at #315 in the United States.  I like Ruth as a middle name, though I probably wouldn't use it unless it was a family name that I wanted to continue on.

4.  Margaret - This name's origin is Greek, meaning "pearl".  There are quite a few nick names for Margaret, such as Maggie, Mags, Madge, Marge, Meg, Margot, Marg, May, Peg, Peggy.  I can't say I'm a fan of any of them and it's been going down in popularity since 1976.  In 2014, Margaret was ranked #169.

3. Dorothy - This name is Latin and it means "God's gift".  Though I can't say that Dorothy is one of my favorites, I think that nicknames are quite cute!  Some of the nicknames for Dorothy are Dee, Dodie, Doe, Dolly, Dory, Dot, and Dottie.  In 2014 this name was way down in popularity at # 731.

2.  Helen - This name is Greek and it means "shining light".  I actually really really like this name.  This was my grandmother's name and she passed away shortly after I was born.  Unfortunately I don't remember anything about her, but my family told me that her laugh was contagious.  I would do anything to hear that laugh, and it seems that meaning of her name was very fitting for her character.  This name fell off the top 100 list in 1959 and consistently gone down in popularity.  In 2014 this name ranked #404.

1.  Drum roll please.....The most popular name for girls 100 years ago was....
MARY!  Mary is one of those classic names that I believe will always be around.  Mary is Hebrew and means "wished for child". It only fell off the top 100 list in 2009!  It hung in there for  94 years!  It is consistently still dropping in popularity, but I don't think it will drop too far.  I think it will be a more popular middle name than first name, but only time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed this! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

❂ names inspired by summer

Hi everyone!  While we are in the midst of summer, I thought why not create a post of names that are inspired by this beautiful season.  Any of them you absolutely love?  Can you help me think of names that I left out? Comment below!

In no particular order, here we go...

June: It's Latin, meaning "Young". 

August:  It's Latin, meaning "majestic dignity" or "venerable".  Venerable means "accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character. 

Bay:  English name meaning "auburn haired" (great unisex name too!)

Leo:  English name meaning "lion", also the zodiac sign associated with this name for babies born between July 23rd and August 22nd

Pearl:  Latin meaning "precious".  Also the birthstone of those born in June.

Ruby:  Ruby is derived from the Latin rubeus meaning "reddish". Also the birthstone of those born in July.

Daisy: Derived from the name of the daisy flower, which is derived from Old English daeges eage (day's eye) in reference to it's round yellow center, resembling the sun.

Coral: Derived from the English language meaning reef formation which refers to the pinkish calcareous skeletons secreted by marine polyps which are used in jewelry making.  Coral is a beautiful bright summery pinkish-orange color.

Dax:  English meaning "water"

Calder: Scottish meaning "rough waters"

Genevieve: Celtic meaning "white wave"

Idalia: Greek meaning "behold the sun"

Kira/Kyra: Persian and Egyptian meaning "sun"

Nikko:  Japanese meaning "sunlight"

Ravi: Sanskrit and Hindi meaning "sun"

Rose:  A perennial flower that blooms all summer long

Soliel: A French name meaning "sun"

Monday, July 13, 2015

Obessed with Baby Names

Hi guys!  Oh I miss you all!  I haven't filmed in forever, I have been so busy this summer.  I love how busy summer is, it's when I feel I see all my friends and family the most.  It's a wonderful time of year to grill out, have a couple of cold drinks, and watch the kids romp in the yard. 

Anyway...I love learning/discovering things about myself as I get older and I think that the more I learn about myself the more I like to dive into my passions.  One of them is baby names.  I mean, names in general really intrigue me.  I honestly think it's a lot to do with my background in psychology and how we envision and relate to names.  As you know, my name is Kyle and for the beginning half of my life I HATED my name.  I hated that people thought I was a boy, I hated that people asked me do you spell it K-Y-L-E...yeah duh, I mean how else would you spell it?  And I hated correcting people after they would call me Kylie, that I would just let them call me that.  Now, I don't think I could love my name anymore than I do!  I love that I am the only female Kyle I know of (besides that famous lady from Real Housewives...I don't watch the show, but I know of her from a friend who does).  I love that my name is unique for a female, but it's not an uncommon name.  I love that it's unisex, and I'm partial to unisex if I ever meet a little girl named Alex or Frankie, or a little boy named Morgan or Ashley I am in awe from the start!  I just think it adds a lot of character, more so than very common names.  Everyone loves/dislikes names for different reasons and that's the fun of it all.  Some people LOVE very common names and that's cool too!  Whatever floats your boat :)

I wanted to put up a few posts of names and I hope you find these posts interesting and fun!  But before I started putting up baby name posts I wanted to do this little background of reasoning so that you're not like "Wtf?  Where did this come from?"

So to begin this little name game shenanigan's I wanted to start off with something close to home, which is Unisex Names.  Here is some unisex names that I adore, their meaning, and where they came from.  I'll do one for each letter of the alphabet.  And I'll add the connotations that float through my head when I hear these names:

Aspen:  This name is Old English and it's meaning is "tree".  I think Aspen is such a strong name when I relate it to a male, but when I relate it to a female I think it sounds soft and very feminine.  It's such a unique name for either gender and I love that.  I love that it conjures the thought of Aspen, Colorado which is such a beautiful place. 

Blake:  This name is Scottish and it means dark or dark-haired or it could also mean the reverse, pale or fair.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of "Blake" is Blake Lively, which come the most gorgeous human being to ever grace this I right?  Total girl crush.  This name ages well on boys and girls and I when I think of young boy named Blake I think of a very sporty individual that is a natural athlete.

Charlie:  It's an English name that is diminutive of Charles, which I found has a ton of meanings such as "free man," "army," and "warrior".  The meaning of the name is pretty masculine, but Charlie envokes the image of a lively little girl with platinum blonde hair who loves animals and dance parties!  When I think of a little boy named Charlie, I think of gigglebox, someone who is a natural comedian and loves to make others laugh.

Embry:  This name is English meaning "work rule"...I have no idea what that means LOL.  I love this name on both genders and when I think of the name Embry on a boy I think of a real lover of wilderness, like someone who loves camping and outdoor activities.  When I think of a girl named Embry I think of a beautiful, tall, hippy-ish type of person who lives for art and music.

Dylan:  This name is Welsh and it means "wave" or "born by the sea".  I think Dylan is more of male name than female, but when I picture it used on a female I love the uniqueness of it.  I love that the nickname is "Dill"'s just cute! 

Finley:  Finley is Scottish and means "fair warrior".  I don't think this name ages that well, it's totally cute on kids, but I have a hard time picturing an adult or elderly person named Finley.  Especially an elderly female.  However, that might change as times change.  When I think of a little boy named Finley I think of a little sailor, a kid that loves the beach.  When I think of it on a little girl, I think of a cute little tomboy who loves cars and motorcycles and could hang with guys.

Gray:  This is an English name it's simply means the color gray.  This name ages well on both male and female and I LOVE this name for a girl.  It's sounds more feminine and soft sounding to me.  When I picture a girl named Gray I totally see her being a bookworm and loving school.  When I think of a guy named Gray I think of a sensitive yet serious man who has a love for anything classic, like classic black and white movies, and classic music, and old classic cars.

Hollis:  I was going to choose the name Holland because I love that too, but Hollis drew me in.  It's different and I like the unique "s" sound in the ending of this name.  This name could be used on any age. It's an English name that means "near the holly"...when I think of "holly" I think of Christmas so this could be a unique choice of name if your child was born in December.  I love it for either gender and when I picture it on a male or female, I envision a total hipster, an effortless kind of cool, just for being different.

I....I couldn't think of any names that I truly loved for either gender that started with an I.  Even when I dove into my baby name books, nothing stood out to me that I really liked for both genders so instead of faking it, this is my honest opinion. 

James:  This name is Hebrew and it means "supplanter"...and if you don't know, the definition of supplanter is to trip up or overthrow.  To be honest, I don't love the meaning, it kind of sounds a bit negative.  However, the name James, on a just WOW, to me.  It's something you wouldn't forget.  I see a female named James to be an overachiever, someone who works their way to the top.  On a boy, this name is a classic and I don't think will ever get old.  Plus, I really do like the nickname Jimmy for a girl or boy, I think it's super cute.  And when I picture a little dude named Jimmy I picture him rosy cheeked and the star of the tee-ball team.  A little girl nick named Jimmy or Jimmie would be adorbs!

Kyle:  I'm using my name in this blogpost because, why not?  It's Scottish and it means "narrow".  I obviously like this name for boy or girl and it does age well b/c of it's commonality, but more so for a male.  Either way if I picture a boy or girl named Kyle I picture a blonde, because honestly, every single Kyle I ever met (including me) has been blonde!  When I picture a boy named Kyle I picture a very relaxed chill type of person.  When I picture a girl named Kyle, I think!  LOL

Lee:  It's a surname derived from Old English (Leah) meaning "clearing".  I also really like the spelling "Leigh" for a girl or boy.  I think it's short and sweet and when I think of a little girl named Leigh I think a petite blonde hair and blue eyed sweet as pie, very girly girl.  When I think of a little boy named Lee I think of a little country boy that loves water, dirt, and very giggly.  I think this name ages well too (meaning it would work for any age)

Murphy:  It's also a surname, and derived from Ireland (it was Anglicized from the surname O'Murchadh).  Ugh, is this not the custest name for a little boy?!  I could totally see a little boy with a curly mop of hair on top of his head with big brown eyes named Murphy.  When I think of this name used on a little girl, I see long dark hair and fair skin with blue eyes.  I don't think this name ages as well as Lee does, I see it more on little kids more than I can adults, but I think it would be a kick ass name into adulthood.  When I think about an adult male I could see Murphy as a professional sports figure and when I think of an adult female named Murphy I see her being really into books in a very smart and serious profession, like a doctor of some sort.

Navy:  I had a hard time finding anything about this name.  So I'll just give you my straight up thoughts.  Navy, to me, ages well.  It also works for both genders incredibly well.  It conjures two thoughts for me almost simultaneously.  One would be the actual Navy that one would join, while the other is "navy blue" the color, which happens to be my favorite color.   That's probably why I'm quite partial to it.  In fact, when AOL started, my very first aol screen name was Navy18. 

Oakley:  It's Old English and means "meadow of oak trees".  I love this for either gender (why do I keep saying that, of course I do).  I think for a male child or adult, it's it a strong and sturdy name.  For a female kid or adult I think that it's very beachy.  I just picture a girl who worships the sun.  Maybe because it reminds me of "Oakley's" the sunglasses brand?  Either way, I think it's totally cute, and this name is one of my favorites.

Page:  Another English name and it means "attendant".  I am not really sure why but for either gender I see a total rock-n-roll persona with this name but on the contrary I could also see a very quiet individual that is very introverted with this name.  I also think it makes an incredible middle name either gender.  It ages well too. 

Quinn:  This names is from Ireland and it's from the surname "Conn", meaning "counsel".  I love the one syllable sound of this name.  That also makes it great for a middle name for either gender as well.  When I picture a female named Quinn I picture her to be very beautiful, total model material.  When I picture a guy named Quinn I could totally see him working on the ski-resort giving snowboarding lessons.

Roux:  This name is French and means Red or in English, Rue, means herb.  This name is so sweet.  I just love the short sound it makes when rolling off the tongue.  I honestly think of the baby kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh when I hear this name.  I love either form of the spelling Roux or Rue but if it were for a female I would most likely use Rue.  Another phenomenal middle name in my opinion as well for either gender. 

Sloan:  This name's origin is Irish and it means "expedition".  This name definitely ages well and I can totally see it on a young child and adult.  It conjures up thoughts of a very serious student to me.  I see it as a name on a very successful person in the professional business world.

Taylor:  This is a more common unisex name.  It's origin is English it simply means "the one who tailors clothing".  What I like most about this name the nick name Tay.  Super cute!  I could easily see this on a little girl or boy and the name definitely ages well.  Because of the commonality of this name, it doesn't really envoke any images for me.  I know a bunch of Taylor's, male and female and they are all so different. 

U - Again, I couldn't think of a name starting with a U that I loved for both genders.

Waverly:  I honestly don't even know what it is about this name that I love SO much.  Maybe because it could be shortened to "Wave" which is such a cool name.  And that obviously conjures thoughts of the beach.  And who doesn't love the beach?!  This name is English and it means "from the brushwood field".  It's a unique name so I have a hard time picturing the name on an elderly person, but I could totally see it on a little surfer dude or dudette!

X - Again, I couldn't think of a name starting with an X that I loved for both genders.

Yardley:  What a cute name!  The origin of Yardley is English, meaning "of the yard" or I also found that means "from the wood were spars were got".  I totally see this name on younger kids than I do adults, but I think if I was introduced to a Yardley as an adult it would be a name I'd be hard-pressed to forget.  It definitely stands out and I love that. When I think of a little boy named Yardley I think of a very outgoing character that loves people.  When I think of a little girl named Yardley I think of another kid that loves people and loves to talk!

Zale:  Zale is  Polish name and it's meaning is unknown.  The sound of this name is just cool.  I love that and I think it ages well, but it's very trendy.  It's not something I would consider to be a "classic" name.  I see this name to be more masculine then feminine.  And when I picture this name on an adult, I see a very macho type of man that's into fitness.  When I think of it on a adult female, I see someone that's really into fashion, a clothes designer perhaps?

I hope you found this post to be fun and interesting as well!  Can't wait for my next names post!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Traveling with a 1 year old

We survived! 

I'm not going to sugar coat anything...this "vacation" was more exhausting and a lot less fun that we had hoped.  Cris and I booked a trip to Florida.  Originally, Cris and I were going to go to Florida with Landry, and also bring my one of my best friends down with us.  She's amazing with Landry and she had plans to move across the country in August so this would have been one of the last times we spent together in a long time.  Things changed, she was offered a job in California with a start date too close to our vacation that she had to back out of our trip last minute.  I totally understood, and thought that we could still swing it if we went down by ourselves.  It was fine...fine, but not really fun.  We learned a lot though, and for that I'm so thankful!

First and biggest lesson I learned was when flying with a kid that still pees/poops in a diaper.  Don't just bring a change of clothes for them in the carry on, bring a change of clothes for yourself and whoever you're traveling with (hubby).  Landry pooped on me.  It leaked out of his diaper while he was sitting on my lap eating McDonalds breakfast in the terminal.  Dude.  Lesson learned.  I had to travel in my tanktop and put my sweater into the stroller and zip it up b/c all I could smell was crap.  That SUCKED.  I was smart enough to pack a plastic bag so that if there was an accident that we could put his soiled clothes into the bag and wash it once we got to our destination.  Point for me for doing at least that.

Second biggest lesson I learned:  Fly as early as possible.  Cris and I woke up at 3:45AM and left our house by 4:15AM to get to the airport (we flew out of Philadelphia which is a little over an hour from where we live).  First of all, we hit ZERO traffic.  Second of all, Landry was in the BEST mood.  And third of all, if you leave super early, chances are your kid will nap.  We were lucky, and Landry fell asleep on the tarmac before the plane even took off.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  With that being said...we flew home on a late flight.  BIG MISTAKE.  Landry was overtired and overstimulated.  He screamed and cried for a gut wrenching 20 minutes after we were up in the air.  We were experiencing some turbulence so the seatbelt signs did not come off for a looooooong time.  So I couldn't get up with him and walk up and down or anything.  Honestly, it was painful.  Literally.  I have scratch marks and bruises from his flailing limbs.  The nice thing about it was that people were SO understanding.  And to anyone that isn't, let me be the first to you remind you that you should pack headphones.  You can't control a baby, and to the people that think you can, they probably don't have kids.  So whatever, it was EXHAUSTING.  And we packed Tylonel in the carryon, and after the 15 minutes of screaming, we gave in and gave him tylonel, a little bit after that he quieted down and finally...FINALLY fell asleep.  Which wasn't a peaceful sleep.  He would wake up and toss and turn which meant, flop on my lap like a fish out of water and he'd cry while he'd try to get comfortable again.  I felt so bad for him knowing he wasn't rested.

Third lesson and one I should have thought of, was to pack toys.  In fact...I wish I would have dedicated one full bag to just toys.  We stayed at a rental house and it was awesome, but it wasn't child proof which means with no toys around, Landry was interested in plug outlets and drawers in the kitchen full of sharp utensils or cleaners and what not.  We constantly had to be on our toes...which on vacation, isn't something you really want to have to do.  He was bored, so I don't blame him for wanting to explore his new surroundings, but when those surroundings put him in harms way, he would be picked up and put into our lap or redirected to the television or we'd take him outside, which by the way was WAY TOO HOT.  Florida was having a heat wave while we were there and to be honest it was unbearable at times.

Fourth lesson was to travel with others.  I truly feel that our vacation would have been so much more enjoyable with others with us.  I loved spending time with my little family of three.  But we never got a break, and Landry never got a break from us.  We couldn't do things like go watch the sunset because Landry goes to bed around 7:00-7:30PM and the sunset was almost and hour later than that.  It would have been nice if we had others with us that we could take turns doing things with.  Like one night the girls go out, the next the guys, and then we could do couple nights or all stay in together and play card games or something once the kids were in bed.  I am so thankful that we were introduced to a lovely couple while we were there and was able to hang out with them as much as possible during the daytime.
Last few lessons, but this will be different for everyone.  Out of all the crap I packed for Landry to use a distraction on the plane (portable dvd player, sticker book, regular books, candy, snacks, ipad, etc) his favorite thing to do and it kept him so content was watching videos of himself that I had taken on my iphone. He LOVES watching himself!  Just a trick I learned the along the way, your kiddo might enjoy that too.  He seemed fascinated with it.  With that being said, I thought candy would be a huge hit.  In fact everyone recommended lollipops to help with the ear pain they might experience while changing altitudes.  However, unless your kid is in a carseat and they can't reach other things/people around them, lollipops with a 1 year old is a huge sticky icky mess.  I don't recommend it.  Landry did enjoy the gummibears we packed and I think that those were a lot less of a mess than the ring pops.  And if your kid is still taking a bottle, have one on hand at all times, even if you don't think they'll need one.  Especially for the flight.  The swallowing motion helped with any ear pain if he was experiencing anyway and I think it's what soothed him to sleep.  Don't forget any teddy bears or blankies they might sleep with too, without those, it wouldn't have been as easy to make him feel comfortable in his new sleeping arrangement at the rental house.  Last but not least, even if you don't like giving your kid tylonel or anything, just bring it.  When they aren't able to voice if their ears hurt, and they are screaming, chances are they are in pain.  With out the tylonel I think his meltdown would have lasted a lot longer.

I hope you found this helpful and realize it's not the same for every family/child and that I just wanted to share what helped and didn't work for us.  Hope your upcoming travel plans with your little one is relaxing and fun!