Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Influenster Bella VoxBox | Not Your Mother's Déjà Vu'Do Style Extender

     Influenster sent me a product called "Not Your Mother's Déjà Vu'Do Style Extender.  It is a lightweight cream that is said to ward off any bed hair and keep your hair clean until the next wash.  It blocks humidity and repels dirt and oil all the while adding body and flexible hold.  It's made with conditioners for long lasting frizz control and improved shine.  Basically, it's a primer for your hair, the way you would use a primer before applying your make-up.  I love the concept of this because as a mom of a one year old, I rarely wash my hair (because of having to blow dry and style it afterwards).  I'm not kidding, I usually go 3 days between washing my hair if not longer. 

     This was the last product in the Influenster Bella VoxBox that I tried out and I wanted to make sure I really gave it a true test in terms of how long I could go without using my beloved dry shampoo. 
     First of all, this product smells so good, it's actually infused with red apples and berries and smells light and fruity.  It's not over powering, but if you don't like fruity scents, you probably won't like the smell of this cream.  When they say it's light weight, it definitely is.  It doesn't weigh your hair down at all.  I followed the instructions and used a nickel size amount and applied it from my roots to ends while my hair was damp, and concentrated mostly on my roots since that is where my hair gets the greasiest after a few days of not washing.  And then I combed through my hair with a wide tooth comb to distribute the product evenly.

    As far as it warding off bed head, ha!  Good try.  I toss and turn A LOT when I "sleep", my hair is crazy in the morning.  Like for real, CRAZY.  It didn't really ward off bed head.  It did however hold true to most of it's other promises.  It definitely has repelled dirt and oil while adding body and a flexible hold.  And I also have to say it controlled frizz, though I don't really have "frizzy" hair to begin with.  Not sure how it hold up for you super curly girls.  But I did not notice my hair to be any more or less shiny than if I hadn't used this product. 

     I don't have long hair by any means, it's shoulder length, and I don't have super thick hair but it's also not super thin.  I don't think nickel size is enough product for my hair to get the desired outcome.  I noticed that if I used more, the product worked better.  However, after day two, I still reached for my dry shampoo.  I didn't need nearly as much dry shampoo as I usually use, but still, I reached for it. 

     Overall, I really like the concept of this product, I love the scent, and I will continue to use it.  However, I won't be giving up my dry shampoo any time soon. I think that it's a great product to try out for the upcoming summer season when our heads are more likely to get sweaty from being outside in the sun.  If you're a busy person like me, I think that the product is worth a try, but combined with a dry shampoo, I bet I could go about 4 days without washing my locks.  That's pretty good!

     If I were to rate this product on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best style extender ever in the history of everdom, I would give it a 6.  Will I repurchase? Maybe, though I'm more inclined to want to try out more of this brands product line.