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     I wanted to start this new tab on my blog, regarding things that have to with homes, home decor, home projects, DIY projects, rennovations, crafts, furniture, etc.  I am facinated with home stuff.  I don't know why or where it comes from but put me in a store like "Home Goods" or "Hobby Lobby" and I could get lost for hours.  I love letting my imagination run wild and getting inspiration from pictures.  I know somethings I pin on my Pinterest board will never come to fruition.  But that's okay, it's still fun to imagine.  Join me, will you? 
     I know that my style is not everyone's cup of tea.  In the best way possible, I will try to describe what my dream house would be like.  I would want to live in a forested area, but not completely out in the sticks so far away from civilization that I would be frightened to be home alone.  Just somewhere nestled into a the corner of the woods not too far from a major road.  I would want my home, from the outside to envoke feelings of enchantment.  Think old english cottage with the charm and allurement from a Harry Potter movie set amongst towering trees and wild, green shrubbery.  The inside would be full of old, vintage, treasures that have stories beind each piece.  Not a coffee table bought from ikea, but more along the lines of a refurbished old barn door made into a table to place our mugs of hot chocolate on while we watch movies under warm hand-made blankets.  The ambiance warm, from scented candles, filling the rooms with a subtle aroma.  Muted earth tones and rustic home-made decor splattered about.  Fairy lights strung from room to room.  I hope I'm painting a picture that does justice to what's in my head. 
Fall and Winter Decor
I have to be completely honest with you.  I don't really decorate the house for seasons.  Sure, I switch out certain throw pillows and blankets depending on the season, but I don't go much further than that.  I don't know.  I guess, well, I'm lazy.  Plus, I've found it depressing to take decorations down once the season has passed.  However <---That's a BIG, HOWEVER, things are going to change.  Now that I have a son, I want him to experience the fun in watching the seasons change.  So, I am going to hold myself accountable for getting our home in the spirit of the season. 
I want the decor to be inexpensive, DIY, festive, but not cheesey.  Here a few ideas that are giving me inspiration.  Feeling thankful for Pinterest!
I'm not a fan of the amber color candles here, but I think a cream colored candle would work here.  And I think instead of all corn you could use an earthy colored bean as well and get a nice fall-ish feel.

I seriously don't know what it is about burlap and lace that I'm obsessed with.  Something about it screams country-chic to me.  Again, I don't know, but I love this, and I think it can hang around from fall into into Christmas.

The gold glitter on the white painted pumpkin looks gorgeous.  Thinking you could spell out the word "FALL" with smaller sized pumpkins and place them on a shelf. 
Soup D' Jour
It's been a little chilly here in Pennsylvania, fall has definitely quietly crept in.  It's time to warm up with some soup!  This is mine and my husbands first attempt at making homemade Italian Wedding Soup.  I'm at work while he was at home with our sick baby, so I can't take any credit for what he made.  He said it's delicious and I can't wait to cozy up on the couch with my bowl (mug) of soup.  I like to eat soup out of a mug, so what?

Ingredients are pictured above:

1/2 a bag of Cooked Perfect Swedish Meatballs (cook per instructions on bag)
Sprinkle of Kraft Parmesan Cheese
Sprikle of Italian Seasoning
2 cans of Giant Brand Chicken Broth
1/2 box of San Giorgio Orzo Pasta
1/2 bag of chopped frozen kale
*optional* sprinkle of garlic powder or minced garlic


Make meatballs according to instructions on package.
In a pot boil the chicken broth and add desired amount of pasta and chopped kale. 
Sprinkle in the amount desired of Italian Seasoning and Parmesean cheese.
Add meatballs once they are thoroughly cooked.
Let simmer for 15-20 minutes
Serve hot

I'm so excited to have HOME MADE soup made with love by my hubby. ♡

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  I'm so excited for this time of year because it's our first Christmas being a mommy and daddy.  And more than that, it's Landry's very first Christmas!  I can't wait!
My Mema gifted me this beautiful nativity seen set that I have put on my entertainment center.  I love it so much.  It's just a beautiful reminder what Christmas is truly about.  (See below)

Okay, if you know my history of trying to get pregnant, you know that I have gone through two treatments of IVF.  With that, we have frozen embryo's that I lovingly call my "snowflakes".  So to say I'm obssessed with snowflakes in an understatement.  I even wore one in my hair on my wedding day and they were also a part of our wedding cake/dessert made my by sister.
Well, the other day it started flurrying outside and I was leaving work to go home for lunch when a snowflake landed on my sleeve.  I have never in my life been witness to perfect little snowflakes like these.  I am obsessed with the pictures I got because I'll remember the amazement and wonder I felt looking at the perfection of these little pieces of heaven.



Caramel Apple, Grapes
Huh?  Yeah, you read the right.  Caramel Apple, Grapes. Next party on your calendar, you have to bring this.  So easy and inexpensive.
Buy some green grapes
Wash some green grapes
Dip said grapes in caramel and then dip in crushed peanuts
Eat and enjoy!
So amazing! So easy! Kids and adults love them! Great party food!



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