Thursday, February 20, 2014


There are a few words to describe the end of pregnancy...words like exciting and nerve-wracking come to mind....but so does, exhausting, debilitating, tiresome, backbreaking, grueling, tough, and draining.  When even just laying down is no longer comfortable, you're pretty much "over it".  I've heard a lot of people in their third trimester say, "I'm READY"...I never understood those words as fully as I do now.  I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore.  I'm ready to trade in my lack of sleep due to being uncomfortable and peeing all the time for lack of sleep due to an adorable tiny human needing food or a clean hiney.

You'll probably think I'm complaining, but no, I'm just listing my symptoms...
1. fatigued (that's puting it nicely)
2. carpal tunnel (worst in the morning)
3. swollen feet (my socks leave marks in my ankles, how's that for a turn on? haha)
4. huge boobs (seriously, they are kind of offensive)
5. weight gain (30lbs and counting, and I feel EVERY POUND)
6. braxton hicks contractions
7. shortness of breath (seriously, blinking to fast and I might pass out due to lack of oxygen)
8. backaches (no position is comfortable)
9. heartburn (I've probably eaten my weight in tums by now)
10. frequent urination (understatement of the year)
11. weird dreams (I kind of like this symptom, makes for interesting conversations)

As I sit here now and look at that list of annoying symptoms, it's easy for me know that every single one of them is worth it to have my miracle here in just a few short weeks.  I'd take all of those times two if I had too, just to know that Landry is on his way.  I can't wait to see him, to hold him, to smell him.  I can't wait to examine every little fingernail, every little hair on his head (if he has any), and just stare at him in awe, knowing that God gave me this gift....this incredible, amazing, heaven-sent gift.  So bottom line...yes, the third trimester is AWFUL for the mommy-to-be.  Everything is uncomfortable, everything hurts.  It SUCKS!'s worth it...anything worth trying for, always is.  God bless all my sisters that are trying to conceive their miracle.  We all deserve to feel this crappy for the best reason ever!

Friday, February 7, 2014

My aching feet!

Ok if we are talking about before all my fertility treatments, I weighed 100lbs (on a good day).  My whole life I tried gaining weight to no avail. After I did my 2nd round of IVF I had put on 10lbs from the steroids they had me on.  So if we are talking about from when I found out I was pregnant I weighed exactly 110lbs.  Currently I am 8 months pregnant and my weight fluctuates from 130lbs in the morning to 135lbs at night. I have been retaining water like a camel!!! So honestly my feet have been carrying so much extra weight around I have decided to treat myself to a pedicure.  Never in my life has a pedicure felt so amazing!!! I can't even begin to explain it! I feel terrible for this beautiful little Asian woman in front of me rubbing my unshaven legs and calloused feet. I'll be sure to tip her well.  My excuse is that you get a better shave after a pedicure anyway.  Truth be told it's just been to uncomfortable to shave lately!  Everything  is uncomfortable lately. Anyway I'm going to end this blog and enjoy the rest of my pedicure. Just a reminder to treat yourself once in's so worth it!