Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What is essential in life?

The more I think about what is truly essential for me to live in this day and age, my answer gets smaller and smaller. At first a list of luxuries came spewing out of my brain, like my house, my car, my cell phone, etc. But those things are not necessary. Not at all. The one thing that I can't live without is God. He's the One who gave me anything and everything I have. He gave me my family, my son, my friends, my church, my house, my car, everything. It's all glory to Him. I can't live without His unfailing love, without Him, I'm nothing and I have absolutely nothing. I'm beyond humbled by His powerful grace, peace, and love that fills my heart to the point of bursting, every single day. I'm so grateful.

The things that used to stress me out before knowing God was a long list of things I find so minute these days. One huge thing on that list was our finances. If I would let it, I could easily get overwhelmed and worried about money. It wasn't until I started a relationship with God that I realized money has no worth, and God has ALWAYS made a way for us. Instead of thinking, "I'll never have the money for that", I saw it as, "Thank God, we had the money available to do that". Need an example? My dog, Halo, swallowed a stuffed toy once. She needed emergency surgery or she would have died. The surgery cost upwards of $3,000. We had just received our income check for that year, a week before this happened. The money was there, and we used that money to save her life. I know some one might think, it's a dog, you used your savings for that? However, God blessed me with this dog, she's a companion to me and my family, and God made the funds available to us for this reason. We used that money to save her life. And yeah sure, the rest of the year with no savings could have been scary and overwhelming thinking, "well what if this happens"...but living with "what if's" is a dangerous lifestyle and I encourage you break that habit if you tend to think that way. God has always made a way for us, and we thank Him over and over for that. Do you have a time in your life you can think of when God made a way for you? I'm sure you do, we all do. It's imperative to recognize that and give your thanks to Him. God bless us all.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Garlic? Did you say Garlic?

Ok...I've been sick for two weeks. This is the longest that I have ever been sick. And more than just feeling run down and yucky, it's just really freaking annoying. My left ear feels blocked from pressure, and it's no surprise because my left nostril is stuffy. I'm not one to try homeopathic remedies. I just wasn't raised that way and I also am not educated about it all. However, at this point I want some relief. So, I did what anyone else would do and googled home remedies. What I came across was quite interesting. I read that garlic can help with ear pain and ear infections. So, as I sit here typing this out, I have a piece of garlic resting on the opening of my left ear. Everything I read made it very clear not to place the garlic in your ear canal or it could easily get stuck. I can't believe I am sitting here with a piece of garlic stuck to the side of my head, but it's been 20 minutes and I seriously can feel that the pain associated with the pressure has decreased. I'm not making this up. I think there is something to these all natural home remedies after all. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Card

All of us can tend to get "wrapped" up in the month of December with busy days filled with shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, and attending holiday parties.  Christmas is such a magical time that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day life.  If you are reading this, you are fortunate.  We all are.  More than we deserve.  Yes, we all deal with difficult circumstances, even sickness and death.  However, if you believe in God, our father, then you believe that eternal life is promised for us where there is no sickness, suffering, or pain. 

Some of our children are wishing for ipads, iphones, games, scooters, barbies, expensive sneakers, or clothes.  But this one little girl, her wish is to receive a Christmas card, from you. 

Can you please make the time to send this precious little girl a Christmas Card?  Read about Addie Lynn's story by clicking the link below.

Send your Christmas Card to:

Addie Lynn and Sisters
P.O. Box 162
Fountain Green, UT 84632

Mine is the mail as we speak.  God bless.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

11 ways to make your life happier

Some of these ideas might seem silly while others are more serious and require a bit more focus, but I promise, they all have worked for me. I hope they work for you too! 

1. Get off of social media for awhile. 
     - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc have become addictions that we tie our lives to for false fulfillment. When we scroll for minutes/hours and subject ourselves to words, images, and ideas that we didn't intend to, we are allowing negativity to creep in without even being aware of it. I know you saw a picture of a child dying of cancer, or a dog being starved, and in some cases those pictures are tied to corrupt accounts. It's a waste of time and taking a break from social media and focusing on the people and things around you can totally change your mood. 

2.  Distance yourself from your stressors.
     - Do you know what is causing you stress? Is it your job? Is it your kid? Is it your spouse? If it's any of those things, take a few hours and get some quality "me" time in. Take a vacation day, go for a walk, go to dinner with a friend. When you don't get a break you will break. Sometimes just a cup of coffee with your mom or a trip to target with your sister can change your attitude and when you reunite with whatever or whomever was making you feel stressed you will feel refreshed and grateful. 

3. Help out when and wherever you can. 
     - For me, personally, money is tight. So I can't donate money as much as o would like to. And being a new mom leaves little time for me to volunteer somewhere. So, when I'm at work and I have finished my tasks, I will go around asking if there is anything I can help with. It's not a huge deal and it's not changing the world, but to the person I am helping, it's changing their world. Whether it means they won't have to work late or they can get a project done faster, it's something and it makes me feel good to be able to share my expertise. 

4. Get some fresh air.
     - I used to be a smoker...EW. For how gross that is, the one thing that I truly miss about smoking is the fact that I would go outside and just be taking a break. You don't have to be a smoker to go outside and get some fresh air for 10 minutes!

5.  Look at something beautiful. 
     - The reason that a popular screen saver background is a picture of a tropical island is because it stimulates good feeling chemicals to be released in your body. So take a minute, go stare at the green fields of Ireland, or the snow capped Rocky Mountains. Hey...just go look out your window, I bet it's not too difficult to find something beautiful in your view. 

6. Sing.
     - Even if you can't carry a tune in a bucket, who cares? Turn on that jam that makes you feel like a rock star and belt out the lyrics. 

7. Smell something delightful.
     - My favorite smell in the world is probably funnel cake. It just takes me back to my childhood of going to the carnivals and seeing the lights and rides and hearing the bells and whistles of the games. It just makes me happy! Do you have a favorite flower or fruit? But a candle or room spray in that scent and sniff your way to a better mood. 

8. Surround yourself with funny people. 
     - Did you ever leave a lunch or dinner with a friend and your cheeks hurt from laughing so hard? Schedule more time with that person. Did you ever watch a YouTube video so funny you watched it twice? Subscribe to that person. Laughing is good for the soul. 

9.  Read a book. 
     - The fastest and cheapest way to escape reality is opening a book. It is relaxing and a book can take you ANYWHERE. 

10. Give your worries to God. 
     - The biggest lesson I learned in life so far is that worrying is a waste of time. Our problems are so small if you compare them to how big Gods love is for us. There is nothing that God can not do. He is all powerful and is always good. Rest and relax in knowing that He can make good come from any negative situation on your life. If you need help remembering this truth, go to church, one that you feel drawn to, not one that bores you. Find a mentor, or an encouraging friend. Sign up for daily devotionals, my favorites are the ones written by Joyce Meyer. 

11. Pray. 
     - In my life I find that if I just take the time to say or write down my prayers, I feel calmer, lighter, and happier. It's not our burden to carry, God has and always will have your back.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Praise God.

     The most incredible thing that has come from sharing my experience with trying to conceive, fertility treatments, failed fertility treatments, finding God and being reborn, pregnancy, and now being a mother is not only that I have had people from ALL over this world contact me either through a comment on one of my videos, an email, or message telling me that my story has given them encouragement, strength, or just that they are able to relate to what I was/am going through, but that God came into my life because He persued me with an unfailing love.
     A prayer that I pray often is that God will show me what my purpose is and how to live it out.  I can't help but think that my gift of encouragement is my purpose.  I find freedom and peace in helping others going through a difficult time whether it's by sharing my own experience with them and having them relate, or just being their cheerleader when they can't see the bigger picture that God has planned for them.  From where I was to where I am now, my faith has grown more than I can express in words.  That faith has become a power tool I use to be the light that God has lit inside of me.  If I can live in a way that pleases God, but also shows others the love that God provides through a peaceful heart, than I feel like I am living out what God wanted me to do.  I want to encourage others to praise God in all that there is.  There is a miracle in EVERYTHING.  God and only God can make a miracle out of a negative situation.  I want to pass truth to anyone who is willing to hear it.  I want everyone to know God and build a relationship with Him so sturdy that nothing can shake your faith. 
     If I can help just one person turn to God when they are facing a difficult circumstance, I will be filled with joy of unmeasurable amounts.  So if you are reading this right now and you are unsure about your future, or you are dealing with something or someone difficult, if you are in doubt, if you are in debt, if you are holding on to anger or saddness, if you are struggling with unbelief, if you need guidance, if you feel lost, if you feel alone, I am here, praying for YOU. 


Monday, December 1, 2014

Landry is EIGHT Months Old!

On November 28th, Landry turned 8 months old!  We celebrated by putting the Christmas tree up and decorating for Christmas. 

Landry is 21lbs, and I have no idea how long he is b/c he hasn't been measured by the doctors in quite awhile, but I can tell you, he's big!  He's ALMOST crawling.  He gets up on all fours, wiggles a bit, then plops down on his belly again.  He loves to be mobile.  Good bye to the days of being content sitting up, he's a busy body and loves to check out anything he can get his hands on.

He says "Mama" "Dada" and makes all types of noises!  He goes from lying down to sitting up and sitting up army crawling.  He still has NO teeth.  Very very swollen gums (have been for weeks) but no teeth yet!  His favorite food is squash and is slowly weening from breastfeeding.  We only nurse about once a day.  He's mostly formula fed as my supply has dropped incredibly, but he probably receives anywhere from 3-8oz of breastmilk in a 24 hour period.

We are looking forward to Christmas this year, more than any other year I've known because this is Landry's first Christmas and we can't wait to see him play with the wrapping paper and new toys. 

We love you stinkin' much Landry Cristhian!

Germs, germs, go AWAY!

WOW.  I don't know what the heck that was.  I finally feel like I'm getting back to our "normal" after being sick for over a month. Between Cris, myself, and Landry, we have been sick since Halloween.  Landry was diagnosed with bronchitis, hand/foot/mouth, as well as other viral illnesses that popped up in between.  Cris also had bronchitis, and I had whatever Landry had and developed flu like symptoms and that turned into strep throat like symptoms.  Wow...seriously, we couldn't get rid of the viruses, they were just being passed back and forth between us.  We even cancelled Thanksgiving this year so we wouldn't get anyone else sick and we wouldn't pick up anything else from anyone else. 

We are hoping and praying for a very healthy 2015.