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Most Popular Girl Names 100 years ago || oldies but goodies

What I find very interesting about names is how they change in popularity over time.   A lot of older names are coming back in popularity and many are not.  Let's take it back, way back, to 100 years ago and check out the 10 most popular girl names in the United States.

In 1915 here are the most popular girl names starting with #10:

10.  Evelyn - The origin of this name is mixed opinions and difficult to find one source that agrees with another.  The further I dove into the origin of this name I found that it was a diminutive form of another name, and another name, and another name.  From my research, Evelyn comes from the ancient Germanic name "Avila" which means life.  I still really like this name, and apparently so do a lot of people as it is ranked #16 in terms of the most popular names in 2014.

9. Frances - Frances is feminine for Francis and it means "Frenchman".  Though it's not my cup of tea, I do know a handful of people with Frances as their middle name.  I don't see it making a comeback anytime soon as it's ranked #602 in popularity in 2014.

8.  Elizabeth - Elizabeth is Greek and it means "my God is an oath".  This name has been popular and probably will remain popular as it's a "classic."  In 2014 this name was ranked #14 in popularity.  I think it makes a very pretty middle name.  If you don't like how common it is and most likely will remain, consider using it as a middle name, which I think is very pretty and works well with a lot of names.

7.   Anna - This name is English and as a form of Hannah, means favor or grace.  This name fell off of the top 100 list in the 1950's but steadily has hung in there and hovered around the 100's for the past 100 years.  Pretty impressive!  In 2014 Anna was the the 34th most popular baby name.

6.  Mildred - Mildred means "gentle strength" and it's origin is English.  Though I love the meaning of this name, I don't like the sound of it.  Though it was super popular 100 years ago, it started to fall soon after.  It fell off the top 100 list in 1946 and has steadily fallen since then. It's no longer even on the charts, as it was #972 in 1984.  I definitely don't see this name making a comeback for a long time, if ever. 

5.  Ruth - Ruth is a Hebrew name meaning "Friend".  This name fell off the top 100 list in 1962 and consistently kept going down in popularity.  It is now ranked at #315 in the United States.  I like Ruth as a middle name, though I probably wouldn't use it unless it was a family name that I wanted to continue on.

4.  Margaret - This name's origin is Greek, meaning "pearl".  There are quite a few nick names for Margaret, such as Maggie, Mags, Madge, Marge, Meg, Margot, Marg, May, Peg, Peggy.  I can't say I'm a fan of any of them and it's been going down in popularity since 1976.  In 2014, Margaret was ranked #169.

3. Dorothy - This name is Latin and it means "God's gift".  Though I can't say that Dorothy is one of my favorites, I think that nicknames are quite cute!  Some of the nicknames for Dorothy are Dee, Dodie, Doe, Dolly, Dory, Dot, and Dottie.  In 2014 this name was way down in popularity at # 731.

2.  Helen - This name is Greek and it means "shining light".  I actually really really like this name.  This was my grandmother's name and she passed away shortly after I was born.  Unfortunately I don't remember anything about her, but my family told me that her laugh was contagious.  I would do anything to hear that laugh, and it seems that meaning of her name was very fitting for her character.  This name fell off the top 100 list in 1959 and consistently gone down in popularity.  In 2014 this name ranked #404.

1.  Drum roll please.....The most popular name for girls 100 years ago was....
MARY!  Mary is one of those classic names that I believe will always be around.  Mary is Hebrew and means "wished for child". It only fell off the top 100 list in 2009!  It hung in there for  94 years!  It is consistently still dropping in popularity, but I don't think it will drop too far.  I think it will be a more popular middle name than first name, but only time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed this! 

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